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Is Your Neighbor’s Flood Putting Your Home at Risk?

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Welcome to Mechanical Flood Protection, your trusted resource for safeguarding your basement against potential floods. In today’s blog post, we’re delving into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of home protection: the impact of your neighbors’ flooding on your property.

Is Your Neighbor's Flood Putting Your Home at Risk?

Understanding Liability:

  • There’s a wealth of information exploring the liability your neighbors might have if their flooding affects your home.
  • It’s noteworthy that most blogs addressing this topic come from insurance companies rather than contractors.

Community Flood Dynamics:

  • Floods are often a communal challenge, with entire streets or neighborhoods experiencing issues rather than isolated incidents.
  • The increase in precipitation has led to previously unaffected homes facing the threat of flooding.

Spotting Warning Signs:

  • The presence of a garage dumpster outside a neighbor’s home, particularly after a rainstorm, could serve as a potential indicator of a flood.
  • Shared soil types among immediate neighbors influence how effectively water drains in the area.

New Construction Impact:

  • Changes brought about by new constructions in the neighborhood can alter the natural drainage paths of groundwater, affecting the entire community.

Community Drainage Systems:

  • Most community roadways are equipped with storm drainage systems that need regular maintenance to prevent water buildup from yard runoff.

Homeowner Responsibilities:

  • Proactive management of downspout extenders and sump pump discharge pipes is crucial to avoid inadvertently directing water towards neighboring homes.
  • Cross-connections, such as downspouts tied into the sanitary sewer system, can lead to widespread flooding on a street.

Navigating Potential Risks:

It is beneficial to discuss the often-unexpected risk of your neighbors’ homes experiencing floods and how it might impact your property. Major rain events can induce anxiety about basement flooding, and your neighbors share those concerns.

Warning Signs:

  1. Water ponding in yards.
  2. Water running along property lines.
  3. Street storm drains ceasing to function.
  4. Gushing or improperly extended downspouts.
  5. Power outages on your street.

We encourage community support during storms, checking on neighbors and offering assistance when possible. If your neighbor’s home has flooded, but yours remains dry, elevation differences might be at play. However, be cautious about potential liabilities, such as negligence in managing downspout extenders or sump pump discharge lines onto their property.

Proactive Flood Protection:

Don’t rely on the “it never happened to me” mindset. Ensure you have proper flood protection measures in place, including yard drainage solutions, downspout extenders, and a reliable sump pump system with a backup pump.

Your neighbor’s flood experience should serve as a warning. Given shared environmental factors, without proper flood protection, your home could be the next victim.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about flood protection. Thanks for joining us on Mechanical Flood Protection!

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