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Welcome to Mechanical Flood Protection, your trusted partner in safeguarding your home from flooding in Nova Scotia. Our website and services are designed with your peace of mind at heart, using the latest sump pump and flood alert technologies. These Terms of Use govern your access to and use of our services, reflecting our commitment to transparency and education. 

Please Read These Terms Carefully. They outline your use of our site and services and emphasize our mission to deliver customized flood protection solutions effectively and efficiently. We update these terms occasionally to match our evolving service offerings and encourage revisiting them regularly.


Your privacy is paramount. Engaging with our site means you’re okay with how we handle your data, detailed in our Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms. 


This site is here to share information and services just for you. We give you special permission to use our site for non-business reasons. But remember, this doesn’t mean you can change, duplicate, sell, or mess with our content. And no sneaky business trying to get around our security measures, using bots or any tech tricks to gather info, or disrupting how our site works.

Please use our site responsibly and follow these rules. Remember, we’re inviting you into our digital home at our discretion and can decide to end this permission at any time. We also hold the right to stop serving anyone we choose and can block access to our site if needed.


Your contributions enrich our platform, whether they’re comments, photos, videos, or any other form of content. It’s important to remember that whatever you share is your responsibility. We trust you to only upload content you have the right to share, ensuring it respects others’ intellectual property and doesn’t harm anyone or anything.

When sharing your knowledge and experiences, ensure your content is respectful, lawful, and aligned with our commitment to creating a positive and educational space. This means avoiding anything illegal, misleading, harmful, or offensive. It’s all about contributing to a community, learning, and growing together.

By sharing content, you’re giving us the okay to use it in ways that help us deliver and improve our services. Just so you know, when you send us messages or ideas, we don’t consider them confidential.

This space is designed to empower you with information and support, so let’s keep our interactions thoughtful and constructive!


Our site features trademarks, styles, logos, and symbols that are the property of Mechanical Flood Protection or used with other owners’ permission. These elements are not just part of our brand’s identity; they’re signs of our commitment to quality and innovation. It’s important to understand that nothing on our site should be seen as granting permission to use these marks in any way.

The content you see here – the words, pictures, designs, and layouts – is ours or used by us with the rightful owner’s blessing. We’re sharing this with you to provide information and insights, not to imply that anyone can use this material for their purposes. You are, however, welcome to download a single copy of any site material for your personal, non-commercial learning as long as you keep all copyright and proprietary notices in place and don’t alter the content.

By respecting these guidelines, you’ll help us maintain the integrity of our brand and the valuable information we provide to protect homes from flooding.

Internal LINKS

In our mission to educate and empower homeowners about flood protection, we might direct you to other websites for additional information or resources. While we aim to select reputable sources, it’s important to remember that these external sites are beyond our control. This means we can’t guarantee their availability or endorse their content, ads, or products.

We encourage you to approach these external resources with the same caution and discernment you would elsewhere on the internet. Our goal is to be a helpful starting point in your journey to protect your home from water damage, but your safety and satisfaction with these external sites are your responsibility.

Understanding Our Responsibilities and Yours

When you visit our site and use our services, we want you to have the best experience possible. However, we provide everything “as is” or “as available” without any specific promises or guarantees about the site’s operation, the information it contains, or the services we offer. This means we can’t be held responsible for the site’s performance or any issues that might arise from using it. We’re here to share knowledge and solutions for flood protection, but using our site and taking our advice is ultimately your choice and responsibility.

If things don’t go as planned, our liability is limited. We’re passionate about protecting your home from flooding but can’t foresee every scenario. Some laws might give you extra rights that this disclaimer doesn’t affect.

Should any issues arise from your use of our site or if there’s a misunderstanding about the content we provide, we ask that you support us in resolving these matters. If the site doesn’t meet your needs, we will respect your decision to look elsewhere for information.

We aim to be a trusted partner in your efforts to safeguard your home against water damage, and we’re committed to providing valuable and accessible information and solutions through our site.


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