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Sump Pump Installation Services in Sackville, Nova Scotia

Our team is equipped to handle any sump pump need you might have—from installation and replacement to repair—ensuring high-quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

Leading Sump Pump System Installation & Replacement in Sackville

Sump pump installation is a vital process that should only be handled by skilled professionals to ensure lasting protection. At Mechanical Flood Protection, our qualified plumbers specialize in installing a range of sump pumps, including the advanced submersible and pedestal types. We provide comprehensive sump pump installation and replacement services designed to fortify your home against the challenges of groundwater flooding, keeping your property secure and dry.

Rely on our expert team in Sackville to implement the best sump pump solutions tailored to your home’s specific needs, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is protected from water-related hazards.

Protect Your Property with Our Advanced Flood Protection Systems

At Mechanical Flood Protection, we’re dedicated to delivering tailored flood protection solutions that extend beyond basic sump pump installations. Our offerings include state-of-the-art Sewer Back-Flow Valve Installation and WaterMain Smart Water Meter Installation. Our goal is to empower homeowners in Sackville with the necessary knowledge and technology to effectively defend their properties from flood risks. Choosing us as your flood protection partner means ensuring your home remains secure and dry, no matter the weather challenges

Our Flood Protection Services

Sump Pump Installation

Deploying state-of-the-art sump pumps designed for reliability and efficiency, our installations ensure your basement remains free from groundwater intrusion, safeguarding your home's foundation and your family's health.

Sewer Back-Flow Valve Installation

Prevent sewage backflows before they start. Our expert installations provide an impenetrable defence, keeping your home clean and sanitary.

WaterMain Smart Water Meter Installation

Embrace innovation with our smart water metres, offering you real-time insights into your water usage and alerting you to potential leaks or floods, ensuring you stay ahead of the problem.

Why Trust Mechanical Flood Protection

Dedicated Crew with Plenty of Experience

Our seasoned technicians undergo rigorous training to efficiently deliver reliable flood protection services.


We provide detailed quotes outlining recommended systems so you know exactly what to expect.

Rated and Trusted by the People of Nova Scotia

With a 5-star reputation earned from keeping hundreds of local homeowners dry, you can trust our effective solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

From our 10-year warranty to complimentary annual check-ups, your satisfaction through reliable protection is our top priority.

Our Products For Sump Pump System

Primary Sump Pump

Smart Flo Water Monitor and Shut Off

Liberty Stormcell Battery Backup

Perforated Sump Pump Basin

Book Your Free Home Assessment To Evaluate Your Flood Risks

Residents of Sackville are invited to take advantage of our personalized, free home assessments. These evaluations are designed to illustrate how our sump pump systems can significantly improve your peace of mind regarding flood risks. Start your journey toward a safer, drier home by reaching out to Mechanical Flood Protection today. Simply complete our contact form, and we will be in touch promptly.

Let’s work together to transform your home into a fortress against floods, ensuring it remains a safe haven for your family, prepared for any unforeseen events.

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Devon Howes
Devon Howes
The knowledge Jake has with flood protection is second to none. The system he’s built is the Cadillac of flood protection systems and a very great price for what you’re getting! My companies done quite a few flood renovations since the massive floods last year and every one has gotten his system installed. The peace of mind you get knowing your basement is safe is worth its weight in gold! 10/10 cannot recommend more!!
John McCready
John McCready
There is no better feeling than knowing your home is protected! We have lived rurally for over 25 years. We've had our share of flooded basements, ruined equipment and ruined personal belongings. When I learned about the system the Mechanical Flood Protection team was installing, I knew we needed it! The piece of mind knowing that we now have a back system as well as a monitoring system that alerts us to any issues is amazing!
Arlene Schmeisser
Arlene Schmeisser
Would gladly recommend
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith
Jake is very knowledgeable. Punctual does a great job. No mess and considerate to the needs of the customer. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Liam Hollett
Liam Hollett
We’ve been working with Jake on a number of projects the last year and he has been my best plumber to date. Piece of mind is priceless in this industry and having reliable sub contractors with a wide breadth of knowledge is a wonderful thing. Couldn’t recommend somebody anymore!
Vera Lloyd
Vera Lloyd
After my basement flooded I discovered the Mechanical Flood Protection system and decided to explore further. Jake was very professional and answered all my questions so that I could understand things. The battery backup for the system in case of power outage was a great contributing factor in my decision to get the system. The installation was quick and clean, and Jake showed me how to add the app to my phone explaining how to monitor the system 24/7. The comfort I have knowing this system will help protect my home from future flooding (without or without power) is amazing, just like Jake and his team. I highly recommend this system to protect a home, especially with the way the climate is changing.
Peter Corning
Peter Corning
Just had Jake and his crew in for a water heater replacement. I cannot say enough good about the amazing service, great attitude and high quality work! Great job! I highly recommend them for your plumbing and flood protection needs.
Nick Ogden
Nick Ogden
I would, hands down, recommend Jake and his team. Their system is a necessity for everyone home owner with a basement.
Nick Ogden
Nick Ogden
I would absolutely recommend everyone with a basement in Nova Scotia talk to these folks. Jake from Mechanical Flood Protection is fantastic at what he does and is extremely knowledgeable providing the best service possible. Where NS is having an uptick in rain and flooding, there system is a no-brainer for everyone.
Modern Touch Renovations
Modern Touch Renovations
Great company, great staff. Always a good experience.

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